Bearded Bee Co

From Our Hive To Your Table

Hive Inspection

Wow! Proof is definitely in the brood!
During hive inspections, Alex is checking for proper brood patterns performed by the queen.

Swarm Removal

Jake safely removed a honey bee swarm from a large pine tree. Once the swarm was properly removed, he safely placed the swarm into a hive box where the bees were relocated to a Bearded Bee apiary.

Autumn Glory Festival

Alex and Lori Taylor at the Autumn Glory Festival. Excited to meet with customers, providing free honey samples with an observation hive available for educational opportunities.

Bearded Bee Apiaries

Located in six different locations across Western Maryland. Our mission is to improve the quality of local farms, increase a healthy honey bee population, and provide amazing products for our customers.

Excellent tasting honey! I liked it so much I bought all 3 - dark, light and amber. The staff are so friendly and fun. I had a great time on Saturday with them at the Autumn Glory Festival. I love their t-shirts and bearded bee logo!

Patty Cox-Matthiesen

By far the best honey I have ever tasted! Great product and great people that everyone should stand behind! Can’t wait for their other products to come out! I will definitely purchase again!

Joey Kisselovich

I feel blessed to have found this company! The product is simply the best, the owners are wonderful and I love supporting a local company!! Best honey out there!

Carey Kight

Highly recommend Bearded Bee Company! Great tasting honey, great service, and great people!!

Mike Delaney Jr.

I absolutely love their products. My favorite is their chapstick!! Each and every flavor is amazing..if you have not yet tried them you need will not be disappointed. I'm literally obsessed.

Brandy Roderick

Great display. Best honey I have ever had. It's delicious.

Missy Arney